SteelSec (UK-BS)


SteelSec(UK-BS) is a popular add-on for AutoCAD, and is used all over the world by many companies to increase their efficiency, thus reducing their drafting costs.

Please take the time to download the latest demo and evaluate it for yourself.

SteelSec(UK-BS) contains Steel section blocks for all British Standard Sections in a handy categorised pull down menu.

It is ideal for companies using AutoCAD LT as it does not use lisp.


  • Circular Hollow Section (CHS)
  • Square Hollow Section (SHS)
  • Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)
  • Universal Beams (UB)
  • Universal Bearing Piles (UBP)
  • Universal Columns (UC)
  • Equal Angles (EA)
  • Unequal Angles (UA)
  • Structural Tees Split From Universal Beams (TB)
  • Standard Channels (CH)
  • Eaves Beams (EB)
  • C Section (C)
  • Structural Tees Split From Universal Columns (TC)
  • IPE Beams (IPE)
  • Formed Lipped Angles (FLA)
  • Formed Lipped Channel (FLC)
  • Formed Channel (FC)
  • Formed Angle (FA)
  • Parallel Flange Channel (PFC)
  • Z Section (Z)
  • Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ)


Version Compatibility Media Price Download Link
SteelSec UK (V4.5) AutoCAD 2000-2007 Email £44.50
SteelSec UK (V4.5) AutoCAD 2000-2007 CD £49.50
SteelSec UK 2010 (V4.6) AutoCAD 2007-2013 Email £54.50
SteelSec UK 2010 (V4.6) AutoCAD 2007-2013 CD £59.50
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NB: Please allow up to 28 days for delivery if you take the physical delivery option.

If you request the email delivery option, you will receive an email with an hour of payment clearing (weekdays) directing you to a download page.

Bulk Discounts available for multi user licenses.